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Transforming your home into a lifestyle hub

From makeshift cinemas to zen dens for peace and tranquillity, discover how you can turn your space into a flexible, stylish, and exciting place to live.

Whether you’ve just moved in, you’re looking to get on the ladder, or simply in the market, we all want to give ourselves and our homes the freedom to be flexible.

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We know that now more than ever, maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging. When you’re answering Zoom calls in the same place you sit down to enjoy dinner, your home can quickly start to feel chaotic. It’s no secret that for many of us, our homes simply must be multi-functional now. But it’s important not to lose sight of their true purpose – to be lived in. 

With new lifestyle changes comes opportunity. Opportunity to make your home a comfortable, stylish and exciting place to live. We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help you reimagine your space and visualise your home as a place that works for you – your lifestyle hub.  


A little advice on lifestyle hubbing

Find calm in the chaos

Our homes are busy places at the best of times, but now we have the added pressure of it being your workspace too. That’s why creating a work-free environment is so important for your wellbeing. 

Try dedicating a spare bedroom, or even a corner of your kitchen or living room, to simply relaxing. Identify underused spaces and create your own little sanctuary for peace and quiet. This can be your “you room”. 

When you consider a muted colour palette, cosy furnishings and soft lighting, you can quickly transform any area of your home into a calm, welcoming environment. Enjoy making it a space where you can switch off and escape after a long day at work, at lunch, or at the very start of the day. 

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Work, play and everything in between

From the guest bedroom to the entrance hall, it’s important to treat every part of your home with care and attention. The rules about what spaces should and shouldn’t be don’t matter anymore. If lockdown has taught us one thing it’s that making our homes work for us is what matters most. 

Carving out dedicated workspaces or gyms, or even creating rooms that are flexible enough to be both, can help you “zone your home” into an efficient lifestyle machine. Start by thinking about your hobbies and activities. 

It’s safe to say that most of our guest bedrooms have been collecting dust over the past year, so why not turn it into an arts and crafts area? Reading room? Or yoga retreat? 

Affordable home cinemas have become hugely popular with more and more people drawing a line between work and play. Giving your living room a boost with a projector and some mood lighting can add a wholly unique feature to your home – perfect for hanging out with friends and family. 


Home cinema

Bring the indoors out 

Before we know it, summer will be upon us and your outdoor spaces will experience more use as friends and family start to visit again. When you swing open the doors to soak up the rays, you should be greeted by a space that’s friendly, trendy and uniquely yours. 

Creating an outdoor dining area is a great place to start. With more time at home, why not try your hand at upcycling old furniture? Treating unloved tables and chairs to a lick of paint will give your outdoor space personality and provide a great place to gather with your friends. 


Beyond being a place to enjoy a spot of lunch in the sun, it’s important to think about other uses for your outdoor space. If you really want to create somewhere you’ll use, it’s good to view it as a living, or even working space too. Deckchairs, sun loungers and cosy armchairs will transform your outdoor space into an inviting hideaway to relax, read, socialise and work. 

As well as new furniture, installing a canopy or even a small parasol can create a wonderfully welcoming shaded area to kick back under. 

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Bring the outdoors in

Introducing nature into our indoor spaces has been proven to positively impact the way we feel. When natural elements play a part in our social, living and workspaces, they can increase productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing in the home.

This could be something as small as decorating the bathroom with a few pebbles from your favourite beach, to turning a whole wall into a vertical garden. It’s entirely up to you. 

Even bringing more natural materials into the home, such as rattan furniture and natural throws and cushions, will make you feel more connected to the outdoors. 

As far as the way your lifestyle is concerned, learning to care for plants is a great way to feel more fulfilled and break up the day. Committing to nurturing some herbs and spices can even save you money at mealtimes. 


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Keep adapting & stay flexible

Remember to make sure your space moulds to fit your lifestyle, not the other way round. Our hobbies and interests change all the time, especially during times like these. Yesterday’s banana bread is today’s at-home fitness frenzy, so always stay creative and don’t be afraid to change things up from time to time. 

Looking to get on the ladder?

Our homes are built with you in mind. Designed to complement the way you live, with spacious living areas, ample storage and welcoming outdoor spaces. They’re designed to accommodate all lifestyles, helping you tackle whatever life throws your way. 

That’s why we provide a First Home Plan – a package designed to make buying your first home easy and affordable. The plan provides £1,000 towards your legal fees, no stamp duty to pay, your own choice of flooring and tiling, and much more.

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Help To Buy

The Help to Buy scheme

help to BuyIf you need a little help to make your dream home happen, the government-backed Help to Buy scheme is also available to first time buyers – helping you buy a brand new home with as little as a 5% deposit. 

With immaculate finishes, top of the range fixtures and fittings, and lots of flexibility to add personal touches, our properties are the perfect blank canvas for starting your homeowner journey. The Help to Buy scheme has already helped thousands of people get their foot on the ladder, so why not join them?