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What to do if your electricity trips

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The consumer unit is very sensitive and it may be that an appliance in your home is causing a circuit breaker inside it to ‘trip’ – or cut out. If this happens, go to the consumer unit and check that all the switches are in the ‘on’ position. Re-engage any that are not by pushing them upwards.

Circuit breakers trip to prevent overheating which can cause an electrical fire, so if your electricity continues to trip, please investigate as it may be one of your electrical appliances is faulty and should be repaired or replaced. It’s generally an appliance that creates heat, such as a hairdryer, hair straighteners, table lamp, iron, toaster or kettle.

  • Unplug all appliances from the sockets in your home
  • Switch back on the circuit breaker on the consumer unit
  • Systematically plug each appliance back in and switch it on. Try using something in your kitchen first e.g. kettle, oven, toaster, washing machine, dishwasher. Make sure you only plug one thing back in at a time. If it doesn’t blow the fuse, unplug it and move on to the next appliance
  • Work your way through your home using the same system
  • If you can’t locate the fault and the electricity is still tripping, please contact us for further advice