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Home security

Jasmine Kitchen

Whether you’re out and about or you’re all tucked up inside, you want to know that you, your home and everything in it are safe from intruders. Here are the security features we’ve built into your new home. 


Your front door, along with all your external doors, is fitted with a multipoint locking mechanism to give you a high level of security. This mechanism means you need to lift the handle before you can turn the key to lock.

The door is a composite door, which is extremely strong and durable. If your door features glass, it will be
toughened glass.


All your windows are fitted with keys. The only exceptions are the fire escape windows on the first floor. This window is fitted with a button rather than a key which can be pushed to be opened quickly in an emergency.


Where an alarm has been fitted in your home, you will be shown how to use the alarm and provided the code. An instruction manual, detailing the manufacturer and website for further instructions and support will be available in your home, together with all other appliance instruction manual