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Central heating and hot water


Your home will be heated by either: 

  • a combination (or combi) boiler which requires no tank and heats your hot water instantly as it enters the system


  • a pressurised system with a boiler and a separate hot water cylinder that stores up hot water ready for you to use
  • in some apartment developments, you may have an electrical heating system.

Your site team will explain which system you have. You’ll also find an operating manual for the system in your home.


Your boiler is a Which? award winning Worcester Bosch boiler. This boiler comes with a 5 years parts and labour warranty. And a 10 year warranty for the heat exchanger element of the boiler, subject to annual service by a fully approved Gas safe engineer. You must register your details with the boiler manufacturer to activate your warranty.

If you have any central heating issues, please contact us within your 2 year warranty period. For the remainder of your boiler warranty, contact the manufacturer directly.

You will need to maintain servicing your boiler with a Gas Safe engineer, in order to validate your warranty. For further information about your central heating system contact Worcester Bosch.

White boiler


Your boiler has been set up to the manufacturers’ recommended settings, with the ECO setting being recommended as the most efficient. However, during winter months when the temperature of the water coming into your system from outside is lower, you may find that you need to turn it up from eco to a higher position for hotter water.


You may notice your boilers pressure gauge drop into the red or your system becoming less efficient so you may need to adjust the pressure and top the system up with water . To do this please refer to your manufacturers instructions.

With a pressurised system you will need to adjust the pressure at the hot water cylinder located in your airing cupboard. Please refer to your manufacturer’s guide for help with this.


With a pressurised system you will have a hot water cylinder sited within your airing cupboard on the first floor. This cylinder stores your hot water ready for you to use on demand.

Your cylinder type will be identified by a label on the cylinder itself. The cylinder size varies from home to home.

Your system is automatic in normal use and requires only annual servicing. You should always employ a competent installer to perform the annual servicing. This is normally timed to coincide with the annual boiler service.


Your room thermostat allows you to control when your heating comes on and off and at what temperature.

You will find two thermostats in your home – one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. This allows you to programme both floors separately for your own personal comfort.

Some of the features of your thermostat:

  • Use the up and down arrows to increase and decrease the temperature required
  • Set a temperature on leaving the home and another for when you return
  • Pre-programme your thermostat to come on and off at specific times of the day and night

For full details on how to set your thermostat, refer to your programmer guide or visit the Danfoss website.

Thermostat on wall