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Reaping the rewards of rural living

Have you dreamed of moving to the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities?  If the answer is yes, then it maybe time to consider the rewards rural living can bring.


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Enjoy nature and culture in the country

Beyond the obvious benefits of safer neighbourhoods and a more tranquil place of life, there are lots of reasons to go rural.  It has been scientifically proven that life in the countryside boost happiness and wellbeing, so its no surprise in light of new ways of working, many people living in cities have jumped at the chance to move out to the sticks.

Enjoying a slower, more relaxed way of life is known to alleviate anxiety and stress.  Taking in the moment as you walk among trees and wildlife - that's the very essence of mindfulness.

Even the little things such as smelling the wildflowers, walking down verdant nature trails, or simply chatting to friends in the community can have calming influence on your mood.  At our Bridle Meadows development in leafy Luddington, you will be surrounded by open countryside next to the River Avon, making it perfectly suited to anybody who wishes to savour the great outdoors.

The location is a cultural hotspot as well as the perfect place to unwind, as it is a short drive from Shakespeare's home with three of the Royal Shakespeare Company's theatres nearby.


A unique sense of community

Time outdoors is something we've all grown to appreciate and having the countryside on your doorstep means experiencing it isn't just a treat, it a core part of your life.  A daily walk in the rolling hills feels good for a reason - it builds up your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, naturally releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain.

A village location can provide you with the chance to enjoy rural life, as well as being part of a friendly community and transport links on your doorstep.  Our homes in Newton Manor, set within the village of Newton Regis, is the perfect place to exercise in nature, with bowing willow trees and a local duck pond.  Surrounded by a wealth of cultural and rural heritage, it also sits nearby a long list of National Trust sites and country paths just waiting to be explored.

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Life in an idyllic market town

Fresh eggs, milk and cheese from the farm shop, home grown fruit and veg - it's idyllic, yet all possible when you like in a market town.  Living a healthy, nutritious and simple diet is known to not only take care of your body and immune system, but it can boost your confidence too.

Studies have shown that maintaining a rich and plentiful garden that's full of vegetation can drastically improve physical and mental health.  Being self-sufficient gives us a unique sense of independence, something many people find living in the country.

Located in the stunning market town of Ashbourne, Sycamore Park, puts you right in the heart of the Peak District.  With its winding cobbled streets, welcoming farmers market and quaint cafes, Ashbourne is not just picturesque, it's perfectly adapted for happy and healthy living.


Looking for a fresh start?

We began designing and building individual homes in 1995.  Our ethos was taking the right parcel of land in the right location and creating beautiful homes that our customers would fall in love with - homes that blend with existing communities, enhancing their surroundings.

Whether life in a market town, village, or a quiet rural location appeal to you most, we have a range of new homes available for you to explore.

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