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Designing family homes for a changing world

Families today look different for everybody. Blended, big, small, young, or old - what matters is that everybody under your roof feels connected and comfortable. The key is striking a balance between togetherness and privacy.

Whether you're raising little ones, big ones, caring for older family members, or enjoying space you can call your own, it's important to choose a home that works for you.

What people want and need from their homes has changed more in the last two years than in the last twenty. Previously, the home was mainly a place for leisure time, a haven where we could relax at the end of a working day. Now, the home still needs to feel like a sanctuary, while also doubling up as comfortable and functional to accommodate our working needs. In February 2022, an ONS report found that 84% of workers planned to continue a hybrid style of working.

We consistently design homes around people which means that we adapt our design ethos to suit families changing lives over time. We take the time to consider how you want to live, what space you'll need as your life changes, what makes you and your family's life stressful, and more joyful.

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What to look for in a family home

Space to call yours and space to call ours

It's important to seek out homes that have both dedicated and shared spaces you can all enjoy. A home that offers multigenerational living experiences, from the immediate family living there every day, to visiting grandparents or having friends over for a birthday meal.

So what might you be looking for?

  • A spare room
  • Open-plan kitchen, dining and living space to cook and socialise simultaneously
  • Spacious laundry and utility space you can adapt as you please
  • Nooks that can be transformed into an integrated home office
  • Clever storage options

At Cameron Homes, we ensure we create peaceful sanctuaries dotted around the home that give you the freedom to make shared memories or make time for yourself.

Fluidity in the family home

As people begin to blur the lines and make the most of their home, the idea of ambiguous spaces in family homes has taken off.

Think rooms that perform multiple functions during the day but transform into somewhere different at night. Consider how you can reshape your work from home study into a chill-out zone, or make your spare bedroom a play space for little ones. It could be through clever use of nooks and underutilised space, ot even something as simple as subtle changes to materials and furnishings that can bring a sense of fluidity, The important thing is being able to identify those areas to relax and socialise, while still holding onto those functional 'home' spaces.

Indigo Nursery
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Green space at home and beyond

Many of our developments are situated in lush rural surrounds with wooded areas and trails perfect for long strolls and dog walking. From toddlers and teenagers to granny and grandpa, green space will provide you with all the freedom to both savour time together and enjoy life independently.

Over the last two years, people have also spent more time in their gardens, an activitiy which is linked to improved health and wellbeing according to a study by the University of Exeter and the Royal Horticultural Society charity. Be it a spot of hedge pruning, bonding with friends and family around the BBQ in summer or next to the firepit in the colder months, our gardens can be both a hive of activity and a sanctuary of mindfulness when you need some alone time.

The benefits seem to be far reaching too - while gardens are a great way to experience nature on your doorstep, the study also showed that people who love spending time in their gardens are also more likely to visit nature elsewhere once a week.


Choosing your family home

Although there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a family home, the process should feel exciting. The most important thing is to ask yourself, 'How do I want to live?', 'Will this home change with me and my family?', and 'How do I get the most happiness out of where I live?'. Ultimately choosing a home with rooms that will adapt to your family, in a safe neighbourhood with plenty of green space, is an important step towards creating a happy home that will endure in a changing world.


Looking for a fresh start?

Our mission is to build beautiful homes in great locations. Places that people will fall in love with. If you're considering a move, we have several developments that you can explore.