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Defining the luxury home in 2022

What makes a luxury home? Grand hallways and mile-long driveways? These days, luxury is less about what you see, and more about what you feel.

The way our homes are designed can improve your sense of wellbeing, from the sense of space you get from open-plan living areas, to bringing elements of the outside world in, such as time spent in a room filled with natural light.

Your home should enhance your life - a detail like clever storage, for example, can be a luxurious extra that helps you to stay organised and feeling relaxed. Today, it's more about living in spaces that serve our need to feel happy, health and at peace in our home.

Mackintosh Kitchen Interior

Understanding space

An architectural understanding of how people live in their homes is crucial to building a luxurious space. In recent decades, cognitive research has led to more buildings that are designed with neuro-architecture in mind - taking into account factors such as light, colour and temperature, to create homes that enhance overall wellbeing and happiness. Knowledge about the way you and use your space is therefore intrinsic to every one of our homes.


Architect Jason Ridgeway, of White Ridge Architecture says:


Designing beautiful homes is important to us, but it can't just be about that - they've got to work for the people they are designed for.

Aesthetics and design elements should work in harmony with one another. We create spaces that foster social activity, yet still provide you with that special sanctuary for a moment alone. Whether it be work from home areas to focus, kitchen and living hubs to chill out and connect with friends and family, or cosy snugs for respite and relaxation, each space should flow into the next to make living in your home a joy.



Everyday moments of luxury

Your home should be a place where moments are made - times that make your life feel luxurious.

It could be pulling open the garden doors on a summer morning, cosying up with family next to the wood-burning stove, or simply enjoying the freedom of open-plan living spaces. It's these parts that make your home whole.

Bedroom tulip

Flexibility is key

The interior functionality of our homes can enhance how we feel on a daily basis, which is why multifunctional spaces are so important. We put an emphasis on designing for flexibility and longevity - for example, sitting areas or dining areas have the ability to be swapped and furnishing a room to meet this flexibility is always considered at the outset. 

We understand better than anybody what makes a luxury home. From top of the range fixtures and fittings to the overall layout and architectural design, our homes work for the people that live in them.

The finishing touches

Luxury should be something you can reach out and touch. Fixtures and fittings that are not only visually luxurious, but luxurious in the way they feel and perform, make that sense tangible.

With us, our expertly designed kitchens and bathrooms are built with keen attention to detail. An emphasis on flexible layouts is considered early on, with specialist designers then adding the finishing touches. The same goes for our bathrooms. From the shower tray to the tiling, each element is carefully thought out at the concept stage to create a space that helps you to streamline your routine.

A luxury home is always a commitment to quality - in every sense of the word. Not just the quality of the home itself, but the quality of life that comes with it.

Our Chief Buyer Mark Adams understands this:

We work tirelessly to meet the aspirations of our customers. I believe you feel that as soon as you step through the front door.

Honeysuckle - Bathroom

A new life in a luxury home

Our mission is to build beautiful homes that enhance your sense of wellbeing. Places that people will fall in love with. If you're considering a move, why not explore our developments and the homes we have for sale?